Pakistan TV airs first transgender anchor

A Pakistani news channel has hired the country's first transgender TV newsreader. Marvia Malik, a journalism graduate who has also worked as a model, told the BBC she was moved to tears when she was offered the job. She anchored her first show on private broadcaster Kohenoor on Friday, after three months of training. Transgender people face discrimination in Pakistan and many struggle to find employment. Some are forced into begging, dancing or prostitution to earn money. Ms Malik told the

Pakistanis fear overflowing lake will wash them away

Already villages and hamlets have been washed away We drive as far as the road will take us, and then we stop because the debris from the landslide that occurred in January still blocks the road. To the right, the once steep ridges on which Attabad village was perched now present a vast descent of loose rocks and rubble that fills up the gorge of the Hunza river, creating a huge embankment. For nearly five months, this embankment has blocked the river's flow, creating a lake upstream and a de